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Language pack customization with MDT

I am currently making a Win 7 SP1 Enterprise Build. We have to include a french language pack into the build. The complex part of the Build was

“The Administrator profile to have en-US display language settings and other profiles to have fr-FR display language settings.” This kind of integration are prominent for EMEA region clients.

There seems to be very less blogs and discussions on this very important piece of integration.

“With Windows XP, i would have updated the Administrator profile with the en-US settings and and have copied a different profile to default user settings. ”

But with Windows 7, this is not possible. The profile copy is now taken care by unattended.xml file and administrator profile deleted after the capture part is complete and regenerated after Build is applied to the client machine and hence take the profile as of the default profile has been set.

After lot of logic based discussion I came out with the following procedure.

– In single language pack scenario

  1. As the default language of the OEM Image is en-US, so once my image loads up into windows, import the following registry keyWindows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]”PreferredUILanguages”=hex(7):65,00,6e,00,2d,00,55,00,53,00,00,00,00,00
  2. When the image will be at “Sysprep and Capture phase”, you copy the reg file captured above in some folder locally, for example call it c:\Utilities\mui_english.reg
  3. Make sure while you install latest patches, install the respective language pack and before running the sysprep, change the language settings from en-US to your language settings and then run the sysprep. So now the default profile is now captured with other display language settings.
  4. In the Deploy TS Sequence , it will by default run in Administrator mode which now will be no en-US display language. Here as soon as the image boots up to the Windows phase add the following task as per the below screenshot

Deploying Windows 8 with MDT 2012 – Initial Investigations

So Windows 8 CP has been out there from sometime now and with MDT upgraded to MDT 2012, now we have all the weapon to cater the new OS and take it to the new level. But as said always new things bring new challenges, following are some of the initial roadblock i faced while Deploying Windows 8.

Issue 1: As soon as you start deploying Windows 8 in VM machines (VMware or VirtualBox), with the original OEM ISO, you might see this error screen as soon as setup starts


Resolution: Fundamentally till now i have not been able to track the actual cause of this but after search around blogs, I came not know it is happeing because of the virtual floppy drive. Disable it from the VM everything will be fine.

Issue 2: Same error is coming which you deploying Windows 8 with a standard MDT TS.


The solution was rather simple, I had to change SkipProductKey to NO in customsettings.ini.


After changing SkipProductKey=0, the Deployment Wizard asks for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview product key, and the deployment will proceed like it should.


Get Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the ProductKey from Microsoft.

Issue 3: While deploying Win 8 with VMware 7, after the OS is installed you will notice new error screen pops up, which i think the new Microsoft BSOD screen. It is still blue with lighter note and more beautiful ;).


Resolution: Like the message indicates, “HAL INITIALIZATION FAILED”, means my hardware is not compatible with Windows 8 Operating System. Since I am installing it in VMware, I tried all possible combinations in virtual machine settings but in vain.

Finally, I came across the “Building Windows 8″ blog which gave me clear background about the error. In this article Microsoft Made it clear that, Windows 8 developer installation is supported on only below platforms.

So, if you are trying to install Windows 8 on a platform which is not in the above list, sorry, you need to upgrade your virtual environment first before you start windows 8 installation.

Hope this helps.. happy learning.


Post Image deployment process not starting with MDT 2010(WinXP)

Issue : While deploying image from the deployment share which was created by MDT 2010 by the help of network deployment with WDS (Windows Deployment Services), The post image deployment process is not taking place after the OS boots up (i.e. the applications and settings are not getting installed and the log files which should get deleted after the process completion are still present.


The post deployment process was not starting because the Litetouch.wsf which drives this process is not starting, hence we have to drive this script so that  we can complete the deployment process.

For successfully triggering the script we need to put the file path from where the script will be called and put the path in the Sysprep so that when the system boots to OS it takes the script. The following entry should be put in the Sysprep


“cscript.exe C:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start”

“cscript.exe D:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start”

“cscript.exe E:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start”

“cscript.exe F:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start”
Root Cause: LiteTouch.wsf was not running after the system boots up to OS for the first time.